Solving Environmental Health Problems

Global warming, unsafe drinking water, poor air quality inside and outside and contaminated food supplies, those are just some of the big environmental health problems we are currently experiencing. These problems may seem very overwhelming, it may seem inevitable and unavoidable, but it is us who have all the power to prevent or fix these problems. It is us who have all the power to decrease pollution, limit our exposure, and most importantly, strengthen our bodies and environmental systems in order to resist contamination.

Decrease pollution: Try to improve your quality of life by decreasing your contribution to pollution. A good example would be to turn down the thermostat during winter time; doing so will decrease carbon dioxide emissions and also improve the quality of indoor air.

Using HVAC (Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning ) on high levels will redistribute contaminants inside a building. To avoid using HVACs try and wear appropriate clothing for the temperature. For example, instead of turning up the heater during cold days, just wear a thick jacket in order to save electricity; you won’t just save electricity, but your body’s immune system will be strengthened and it will be trained to live in rhythm with nature.

Safe pesticides and cleaners: While it is recommended to avoid pesticides completely, if you should use them, use biodegradable and safe pesticides. When it comes to cleaning agents, you should also use biodegradable and safe cleaning agents. In cleaning your house, it is best to limit the use of chemicals to prevent contaminants from getting inside. Biodegradable products will also keep your water supplies safe for drinking. Continue Reading

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Virtual Environmental Education and Team Building

Surfing the Internet I discovered something new the other evening: “virtual environmental education and team building”. Apparently you can catch some pretty wild rides and achieve some serious bonding without leaving your couch!

Unfortunately, my old buddy John McKinstry never got to see it, the Internet that is. He had to settle for the real thing. Forty years ago we used to sit together on our boards at sunrise, waiting for the surf to come up. John was among the first to surf the big waves at Ghost Trees in my hometown of Pacific Grove. He had the courage to charge down the face of those massive forty footers, long before jet ski pull ins, or rather, pull outs. John pushed the limits of the possible and was an astronaut on a surfboard. Like many American pioneers he paid the ultimate price doing what he loved most.

I miss John, and a lot of other things that we enjoyed together, many of which are now paved over, but I particularly miss his questions. Once, as we passed a used car lot with a banner advertising “transportation cars”, John asked me: “What other kind of cars are there?” In this age of human induced climate change, that remains a great question.

So if we could ask John whether the experience of wild nature, or bonding with your fellow human beings, can really be replaced with virtual reality, what would he say? For that matter, let’s ask ourselves that question. But before we answer, perhaps we should ask our kids to tear their attention away from their video games, TV shows, computers and cell phones and ask them too. Continue Reading

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Environmental Jobs Create a Success Ladder to Specialized Fields

For those who want to work in the health sector without the need to settle for a conventional medicine job, environmental health jobs are the best alternatives. Applicants for environmental jobs characteristically have to tackle various factors such as chemical, physical plus biological factors that impact on the physical health of human beings. Such environmental vacancies emphasize on disease prevention, in addition to creation of healthy environments that will prevent the spread of diseases and other harmful organisms.

Individuals working in environmental health jobs are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring human safety and offering assistance in identifying possible health hazards present in the environment that might not be noticeable by the ordinary man.

The world health organization (WHO) is considered the big fish in terms of provision of a variety of environmental agency jobs that allow for career advancement. WHO is known all over the world and more often than not is on the frontline campaigning against environmental degradation. This health organization carries out comprehensive research on areas of concern including safety of body art as well as control of noise pollution.

World Health Organization is an equal employer providing a wide selection of environmental health jobs for workers. Continue Reading

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